AgDyna Unveils Technology To Fight Day-Old Chicks Counterfeiting

In its pursuit to ensure protection for day-old chicks, as well as address the counterfeiting in the poultry sector across the country, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Agribusiness Dynamics Technology Limited (AgDyna) came up with an initiative called the Farmsured Technology.

Speaking at the official launching of the Farmsured Technology, Oyo state Governor, Engr Seyi Makinde, who was ably represented by his Executive Adviser on Agribusiness, Debo Akande, who also doubles as the Director General of Oyo State Agribusiness Development Agency (OYSADA) noted that the state government is working seriously to make sure that there is an enabling environment for farmers to thrive in their businesses in the state.

Makinde maintained that the farmsured technology has been designed in such a way that there is traceability of every input of day-old chicks production in the poultry sector.

He said: “We are here to unveil one of the technology inputs that can help farmers in livestock particularly in Oyo State and in Nigeria as a whole, over the years we’ve discovered that some of the inputs needed by farmers to have good yields or good productions are counterfeit, the farmers have no control over them, today the technology that we are unveiling here has been designed in such a way that there is traceability of every input.

Akande who was represented at the unveiling event by Dr Tunde Amole of the International Livestock Research Institutes (ILRI) expressed his assurance over the technology towards making life more easier for the farmers and well making enhancing animal productivity in the poultry sector.

He said, “There is no doubt this initiative will bring more succour to the farmers in the state. This will bring a great impact on the smallholders farmers. For they will be able to source for resources in cheaper, traceable ways and only if you rest assured that all your inputs are of quality standards that when you can go to the market with your animals and smile back homes because there is no doubt that all your animals will be of great products.

Eustace Iyayi, the registrar and Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Institute of Animal Science (NIAS) in his contributions said, “We are unveiling here today 10meters farmsured technology, a technology being deployed out of the concept we came up with at the institute in collaborated with Agroinfotech and other partners.

He further said, “We have here today to ensure that we minimize quackery in the day old chicks sub-sector reduce it to the nearest minimum if we can’t completely eliminate it, such that we are able to standardise operation alongside the axis of the poultry value chain and make sure that those who are involved are also helping to standardise their little businesses.

“The majority of those that they have been adulterating their products are also get the value for the money they put into their businesses, so farmsured is a technology, is a tracking and traceability technology in the day old-chicks market value chain to help remove quackery or reduce it to the barest minimum,” Iyayi said.

Speaking with journalists shortly after the unveiling of the technology, Mr Ayooluwa Okediji, the brain behind the Farmsured technology who doubles as the founder and chief executive officer of AgDyna a subsidiary of AgroInfoTech said, “We are here today to unveil a technology called farmsured.

Ayooluwa further said that “we have been working on this project for over seven years just to ensure we able to fight counterfeiting and adulteration of agricultural inputs because one of the reasons the smallholders farmers are very poor is because they don’t have access to quality inputs, one of the reasons the banks will not release loans to farmers is because they have poor yields, which is most times as a result of quality inputs and it’s not just limited to day old chicks, poultry feeds, seeds, fertilizers and anything you can think of.

“So agricultural inputs are 70 per cent of any production that you want to do, and when you borrowed money from a bank and you’re not able to get good yields as a result of poor inputs, automatically that becomes a debt, and this is one of the reasons why small hold farmers are push down on poverty line and that is why agriculture is not interesting to most of our people.”

“I have a personal story to this because my parents were farmers and I understand what we faced while I was growing up, so this is exactly where the passion came from to be able to make sure that we can solve this major menace that is facing the industry,” Ayooluwa said.

The event was graced with government officials, farmers, stakeholders in the poultry farming sector among others.


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